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My name is Ashley N. Love, (No I’m not kidding and this is not a screen name. My parents actually named me that) and I’m very excited to get to showcase some of my best work for myself and for everyone else who’s interested!  

If you’ve looked up this website and decided to give it a browse, here’s a big thank you! I’ve been drawing since as long as I can remember, but never got really serious about improving until the beginning of high school. In college I’ve been very fortunate to have peers and superb professors willing to help me improve on diversifying what I can do, refine what I’m already good at, and help me know how and where to push myself.

Hopefully, this little site is a reflection of all of that work I’ve been putting into my art over the last couple of years. As well as give a glimpse into what I could potentially do and work towards later on.

Thank you for your time,

-Ashley Love